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The King, feeling personally insulted, was encouraged to issue general warrants (warrants in which the name of the accused is not specified) for the arrest of Wilkes and 48 others on a charge of seditious libel.

At the trial, the Lord Chief Justice ruled that as an MP Wilkes was protected by Parliamentary privilege from arrest on a charge of libel.

In almost all of these glasses you will find that the foot is folded and domed in shape (this is to add strength to the rim of the glass).

We owe the variety of styles and forms of drinking glasses to the development of lead glass in 1676 by George Ravenscroft (1632-1683).This practice includes many different types of ‘twist’ and can also incorporate any number of knops.The development of the air twist glass was in part due to the fashion of Rococo and the Chinoiserie styles which demanded a lighter, more elegant style than the balusters. From the outside, the study of glass is an exclusive one as very few pieces are marked it relies on the knowledge of the viewer to be able to ascertain the date of the item.So, in this blog I will try and outline the development of English drinking glasses through the 18 century, summarising the styles that in turn will allow you to be able to date most glasses.

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At the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763, he along with many others opposed what they considered to be over-generous peace terms granted to the defeated enemy, France, in the Treaty of Paris.

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