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Whether you call it Bloomington or B-Town, you won’t be able to get enough of this one of a kind college town thanks to its culinary reputation, its thriving nightlife and the spirited students at Indiana University.

Stats time: Provo is the third largest city in Utah, it’s located just 43 miles from Salt Lake City, Brigham Young University has 29,672 students, and you know what all that adds up to? The Covey Center, East Bay Golf Course and Peaks Ice Arena are sure to enrich your love life in no time.

Get your tailgates ready because we’re heading to Oxford, Mississippi.

Whether you’re flirting in the square, bar hopping on a girls’ night out or searching for “The One” on Ole Miss’ beautiful campus, Oxford will make all your dating dreams come true.

Besides the University of Arkansas, which boasts 25,365 students and one of the most passionate football teams in the SEC, Fayetteville is also home to the Crystal Bridges Museum, Hog Haus Brewing, the popular farmers market and so much more.

The city of Auburn may go by the motto “The Loveliest Village On the Plains”, but we think it should also go by “The Most Date-Worthy Village On the Plains.” Of course, Auburn University, with its 25,912 students, is at the heart of this college town, but so is Toomer’s Corner, Mrs.

Nicknamed “Star City,” Lincoln, Nebraska will have you seeing stars thanks to all the dating possibilities you’ll find here, including outdoor and athletic events that will satisfy any an active co-ed.Syracuse is in the heart of New York, and Syracuse University is in the heart of Syracuse.No matter if you’re in the city or on campus, the electricity of the area and the exhilarating things to do will help you steal a co-ed’s heart — and vice versa.With the saying “From Ashes to Immortality,” your dating life will be rising from the embers like a phoenix in Lawrence, Kansas.Catch a Jayhawk’s game at the University of Kansas, tour one of the area farms or knock a few back at Bird Dog Bar.

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