Dating tips women over 30

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Dating tips women over 30

Lastly, avoid the women who emulate behavior that even men consider alarming and annoying when exhibited by men.

That would include immaturity, combativeness, bragging and anger.

But let’s stop perpetuating this myth that they make up the majority just so all us single gals can have something to bitch about over cocktails or on blogs.” “Men are intimidated by you.” – This is probably the most egregiously inaccurate statement ever uttered by a female. When a man says it, what he’s really saying is that men find that particular woman unlikeable in some way. The ones that are, are men that these women wouldn’t want anyway, ergo who cares what they think?He is not saying that men are threatened by the woman’s assertiveness or outspoken nature or success. A woman should take a very long pause and do some personal inventory should a man ever tell her that men find her “intimidating.”EDITED TO ADD: Sorry, but if more than ONE guy says this to you, he’s telling you that something about you puts men off.EDITED TO ADD: What our well intentioned (as opposed to the ones who are telling us what we want to hear) girlfriends mean by this statement is, “I never understood why you where with that jerkface in the first place.” They are questioning your judgment.The implication of this statement is, “What’s up with that? Women like to say this to each other because it implies that they (the women) are so scary intelligent, clever, successful, beautiful and witty that men immediately fear they aren’t good enough for them.

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