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But fall over tomorrow and break a shoulder or an arm with complications or get a major illness or problem and your personal demands will change.

I am pleased your son was well treated; I hope your health insurance (which I am sure you would need as a proud American living abroad) reimbursed the hard put NHS so they will not have to refuse treatment to yet another UK resident who has paid into our system all their life.If it wasn’t for the NHS and it’s next day action, of removing a brain tumor which my doctors had failed to diagnose. Thou, with a revamp of way things that are conducted, might help solve some of the issue's the NHS faces.One could say, I might not be in a situation to respond back to this thread. One of our biggest problems is the cost if drugs, which maybe, we should think about doing this under the NHS wing.I can only praise the immediate care and aftercare, I received from NHS and there incredible staff.Unlike that of my doctors who fails to diagnosis the symptoms, until on the six or seventh time they actually realized when they decide to look at my eye's, due to the optician’s realizing there was a problem.

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When she had a sever stroke just prior to her death, again the care was fantastic.

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