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But what shocks the readers more than the open discussion of a subject traditionally so shrouded in secrecy is Baur's assertion that sexuality (as opposed to sexual intimacy) actually has its legitimate place in the therapy session.Disdainful of the distant detachment once deemed essential to healing, Baur thinks "love, in its most generic sense of caring and nurturing, is the sine qua non of therapy.

But there are levels of exploitation." Is a therapist exploiting a patient when he hugs her? Is he exploiting her when he flatters or flirts with her? And though it is very much the exception, Baur does present us with several case studies of patient and therapist who have actually made it to the altar and one of a lesbian therapist/patient couple who have been together for 10 years and "tied the knot" in a Unitarian ceremony.

'" Taboo as the subject of sex in therapy might be, according to The Intimate Hour, it's certainly no new phenomenon.

Baur tells us how Sigmund Freud himself predicted that intense sexual attraction would often hover dangerously near to the couch.

Though unshocked by the penetration of sexual attraction into the therapy session, Freud was adamantly opposed to its consummation.

He thought it could lead to madness and delusion on the part of both the therapist and the patient.

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In short, she paints a picture of what can and does happen when sessions become inappropriately steamy and then she sits adamantly on the fence.

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