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Whether it’s something our mums advised us growing up or the fact that women in movies who ask out guys are always depicted as outgoing, overbearing and aggressive, we women have turned into shrinking violets for fear of coming across as too masculine.Not only that, but we feel as if the act of blatantly asking out a man will cause us to appear desperate and send the wrong message.

In order to help you unpack some of the preconceived notions and deep-seated fears that led you to your wallflower status, here are some common reasons women hold back – and how you can adjust to become a more proactive dater who gets men to pursue you WHILE staying in your feminine role.

Luckily, the first step to solving this problem is recognising that you have it.

Reflect on those missed opportunities and imagine what would have ensued had you commented on the horrible in-flight movie to the cute guy next to you on the plane.

There is beauty in peeling back the layers and getting to know someone, it’s something that really could end up taking a lifetime!

According to a recent Elite Singles survey, just 6% of women would suggest a first date and just 2% would call back to arrange a second.

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Remember that genuine interest makes all the difference.

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